7 Music Study Techniques to Take Advantage of Quarantine

As you must surely already know, humanity is going through a historic moment where we are faced with a pandemic so far unprecedented in modern history. Millions of people are obliged to remain in permanent confinement in their homes in order to avoid the expansion of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) and musicians, we are no exception (We […]

5 Practical tips for studying music theory

What is the Sol-fa? The Sol-FA is this: to make music without instrument, or better yet: to make music with the primordial instrument: our body. Sol-FA is to understand the music we do with our body. Sol-FA is to be aware of the sounds we are making. Sol-FA is to efficiently translate the sounds into symbols […]

5 big mistakes in music and how to avoid them

What are the mistakes that will make me fail as a musician? This article was written by Michael Musco and published in his blog dayinthelifeofacommercialmusician.com, this is the Spanish translation. I've made a lot of mistakes in the music business and I've had some success. When I write an article I try to focus on […]

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