5 big mistakes in music and how to avoid them

Errors in music

What are the mistakes that will make me fail as a musician?

This article was written by Michael Musco and published in his blog dayinthelifeofacommercialmusician.com, this is the Spanish translation.

I've made a lot of mistakes in the music business and I've had some success. When I write an article I try to focus on sharing suggestions that have worked, leaving out some of the things I do not do. Mainly because I want to share solid information that's helpful.

I started thinking that the music business is in constant change and that taking some calculated risks is important, but those irrigations are sometimes not worth it. I want to share some mistakes that I made and somehow give a broad perspective on how to move forward in the world of music.

5. Dismiss time.

The music game is a marathon, not a speed race. Regardless of whether you are creating commercial music (music that is used in commercial projects such as ads or spots) or for entertainment (music to entertain, sell CDs and do concerts), these things take time. Sometimes it feels like this doesn't have an ending. The problem is that planning 1-year paper activities don't look so bad. What you sometimes don't realize is that 1 year implies daily work during that time.

4. not cooperate enough.

Another mistake I made is not spending enough time working with other musicians and creating networks. It is very easy to engaging in the routine of the commercial music to produce, mix and master, send it to the music libraries and continue with the following. The problem is that it's hard to get involved in the music world when you're in a vacuum. You need to meet people in the business and most importantly you need people to know you.

3. Marketing and promotion.

This was a big problem for me. Not devote enough time to marketing and promoting myself or my music. I have heard from some people in the music business that I need to invest 25% of the time in marketing and promotion tasks. This is something I have not done and it is a mistake not to do so.

2. Not share enough.

This point is linked in a certain way to marketing and promotion but it is different. I feel that I do not share in a way that people connect with me as an individual. If I have social networks and all that. But I'm doing something weird where I want people to listen and connect with my music but at the same time I'm afraid of getting such personal attention. I feel it's a mistake just to expose my music without sharing more of myself.

1. Back to work finished music.

Of all the mistakes that I have made this is the one that occupies the number 1. If you're going to take any advice from this article that is this. When a song is finished, it is finished.

This is easier said than done because what happens is that with the passage of time when you increase your production skills, experience and equipment. You listen to music again that produjiste a year or two ago and you will want to improve it. Maybe if you could use to change the mix, re-master it or change the arrangement. It's not worth it. You can't move forward when you're playing with the past.


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