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Surely if you are here is because you are interested in buying arrangements for Big Band, and the truth is that you came to the right place.

Below you'll find a list of scores for Big Band in PDF very cheap! 

The sound of the Big Band´s

In Latin music score from our beginnings as a platform for music services and e-commerce of sheet music in PDF, one of our strengths is the area of Big Band since our arrangers most have been directors or have integrated this type of formats during A lot of time and in general the majority is the format that they like when composing or making arrangements.

The loudness of the Big Band is one of the areas in which we like to play and precisely the majority of our repertoire is made for this particular format.

Big Band

Top 5 arrangements for cheapest Big Band!

Well here we leave a list of the 5 arrangements for Big Band cheaper according to their artistic value and you can buy directly on our website. No doubt they are a guaranteed success in your repertoire.

1. Cinnamon Skin-Bolero

The famous bolero of Master Bobby Capo in the version of Andres Cepeda for Big Band.

This is one of the most sold pieces in our portal since without a doubt it is ideal for any repertoire of boleros.

Acquire it with a super discount!

You can buy this product directly on our website Piel Canela-Bolero for Big Band | PDF Scores


2. New York, New York-Jazz

One of the most famous classics of the Great Frank Sinatra. New York, New York was composed by Fred Ebb and John Kander. This work is part of the list of the 100 most popular songs of American cinema.

It has a close relationship with the Christmas festivities in the United States.

In this case we worked on the adaptation of Lady Gaga in a transcription for Big Band.

New York, New York for Big Band | PDF Scores

3.  Black Christmas-Cumbia

Black Christmas-Colombian Cumbia for Big Band Black Christmas of Maestro José Barros, a beautiful work of traditional Colombian music.

It is an arrangement designed exclusively for the format of Big Band in vocal version in A minor 

Black Christmas-Colombian Cumbia for Big Band

4. Mambo 8-Perez Prado

The Mambos of Perez Prado are unique and could not miss in our repertoire, the Mambo #8 for Big Band is a transcription of the original work.

Mambo No 8-Perez Prado-| Mambos for Big Band in PDF

This one is part of another series of mambos of the type-setter, that also you can find in our portal.

Mambos de Pérez Prado for Big Band here

5.  The singer-Salsa

The singer of Hector Lavoe is wanted the most important piece of musical career of the Puerto Rican. Since it was able to consolidate it as the "singer of the singers", it also makes this theme an icon of salsa. The work is composed by Rubén Blades but certainly the interpretation of Hector Lavoe

Makes it bigger

The arrangement for Big Band is quite special as it preserves the string assembly line that we can hear in the original recording.

The singer of Hector Lavoe-Salsa for Big Band with strings

Listen to the original version here:










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List of all our repertoire catalogue available for Big Band

This is our complete catalogue of scores for big band that we already have ready for sale, ask us for any arrangement you want to buy.


Capullito de Alelí
As it was
With you in the distance
Glove Finger
You're My Everything
Flores Negrras-Black chips
There are loves
Hello Soledad
The Glory is You
The Forty
Cinnamon Skin
Used Kisses
Beautiful Maria

Mambos, Cha Cha Chá, Latin Jazz and Salsa

Barber of Seville
Midnight Mambo
Pink Cherry
Mambo # 5
Mambo # 8
Mambo del Politecnico
That rich the Mambo
Mambo Guadalajara
Mambo trumpet
La Macarena
The Popoff Girl
Mambo in Sax
Mambo influenced
Cuban Fantasy
Calzada del Cerro
Mambo Maracaibo
Relax Mambo
Mambo Summer Violent
Rice with beans
The Black Bembón
The Tula Quarter
The death
New World Spirit
Murga de Panama
Ran kan kan
They're from the ridge
Nice and tasty
María Cervantes


February Two
Colombia Dear Land
The canoe
The Rancha canoe
San Felipe
The Fisherman
My name is Cumbia
The Wagtail
The rising
The Cinnamon Blossom

Lucho Bermudez

New year
Arros with coconut
Naval Cadets
Carmen de Bolivar
Diana Maria
Gloria Maria
The bagpipe
My People
My Sahagun
Te Buco
Arturo García
Party of Negritos
San Fernando

Edmundo Arias

Ave Pa ' ve
Something is going
Alma Quibdoseña
To the Skirts Compas
Caribbean Cumbia
Cumbia Candelosa
December Blue
Gaita Sonolux
Guepa JE
The things of Life
Merecumbe of Flowers
That Merecumbe
What's the matter


Dance Pacho
Ash mouths
The gigs
Nice joint
San Carlos
Young president
Peter P.
Old Cow
Wild Wind

Billos Caracas Boys and the Melodicos

Bitter and sweet
Noah's Ark
Cantor de Fonseca
Corozal and Sincelejo
Tonight we are dawning
Juanita Bonita
The race
Maria Morena
My drum
Nostalgia Campesina
For Santa Marta
Palmira señorial
Three Pearls
Sentimental temperament
Roberto Ruiz

Super Combo Los Tropicales

Caiman and Gallinazo
Arrivederci Lola
Compadre Polo
Clarinets and scolding
The handle
The Dance of the doll
You know

Remember that all these arrangements are already available so you should only write to us if you are interested in any.